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Arson in Australia (Ruby Bay Mystery #2)

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It isn’t exactly the perfect first date…

While Miki and Carter were supposed to be romantically watching the sunrise from the Ruby Bay lighthouse, Miki spots something far more alarming – something in town is on fire!

The two of them rush down to find that the local souvenir shop, run by Carol Murphy, one of the most respected women in town, has been torched.

Miki doesn’t think too much more of it, until it turns out the shop’s owner has been arrested, and Mary believes it to be a travesty of justice. Roped in to solving yet another crime, Miki, Emily and Mary all set out to find the arsonist.

The only problem is, the person who did it isn’t done targetting Carol yet, and they’re not going to stop at just arson. Will Miki be able to track down the arsonist before he gets to Carol?

**Includes a recipe for vanilla slice, a popular Australian desert***

Arson in Australia is a full-length, humerous cozy mystery and the second book in the Ruby Bay mystery series set in Australia.

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