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Sleeping with the Fishes (Willow Bay Witches Mystery #6)

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When a body washes up on the shores of Willow Bay, Jason and Angela find themselves as the main suspects. After all, they did have a confrontation with the victim just the night before.

Deciding that she’s not going to sit around and wait to be arrested, Angela decides to take matters into her own hands and investigate the death herself. After all, it turns out she has a bit of a knack at investigation.

But with a myriad of suspects, Angela quickly finds that finding the murderer is far from easy. Add to that an investigation into animal smuggling, and Bee trying to stop Angela from adopting out the growing kittens, and Angela quickly finds that she’s got her hands full.

Will Angela be able to keep it together for long enough to find the murderer without ending up as the next victim?

Sleeping with the Fishes is the sixth book in the Willow Bay Witches series of paranormal cozy mysteries. It’s a full-length novel full of funny and sarcastic best friends, a touch of magic, a snarky talking cat and a little bit of romance.

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