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The Purr-fect Crime (Willow Bay Witches #1)

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Magic is about to meet murder in Willow Bay

Angela Martin lives a pretty normal life. As normal as the life of a witch who can talk to animals can be, anyway.

Until she shows up to work one day and finds a dead body.

Of course, in a small town like Willow Bay this means everyone is obviously on edge. Between the cops who have never investigated a murder before, the crazy hot but infuriating guy Angela is sure has something to do with the murder and clients threatening to move to Canada, Angela starts to wonder if things are ever going to be normal again.

But as Angela comes closer to the truth, she finds herself in the murderer’s crosshairs. Will she be able to solve the case before she becomes the next victim?

The Purr-fect Crime is the first book in the Willow Bay Witches series of paranormal cozy mysteries. It’s a full-length novel full of funny and sarcastic best friends, a touch of magic, a snarky talking cat and a little bit of romance.

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